The Price of a Pandemic: The Good Doctors

Doctors in the ER have seen it all. Here's their story.

The Price of a Pandemic: The Good Doctors

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Hi Everyone,

Last week, we heard about the incredible pressure on hospitals during this pandemic and how it’s affected nurses specifically. Today, we turn our attention to ER doctors at all stages in their careers... from the residents to attending physicians. And just like other healthcare professionals, they too are putting their lives at risk.

The cost of education to be an MD is high, resident salaries are low, and starting one’s own independent practice is harder than ever. With that said, there are many young MD's (residents) who are working on the frontlines right now. The question is - are they being fairly compensated?

Episode 9: The Good Doctors - In today’s episode, I talk with Dr. Nitin Vaswani, a trained clinician, Hopkins alumni & healthcare investor. Currently, he’s spending his time pushing digital health initiatives, as well as helping hospitals transition into tele-health. We learn:

  • The current pay gap between doctors in the ERs and the one's senior to them.

  • How the hospital system works, and why it’s so hard to start one’s own practice.

  • Why hazard pay and loan forgiveness is important for healthcare workers right now.

  • The importance of digital health, and how COVID-19 is pushing that movement forward

  • How doctors can be compensated through tele-health.

Today’s episode also includes personal stories from two physicians on the frontlines. We thank them for not only sharing their stories, but also for giving us hope. A huge thank you to all the healthcare professionals out there! Stay safe!


The Price of Pandemic: In Nurses We Trust

We have a critical shortage of nurses right now. Why?

The Price of a Pandemic: In Nurses We Trust

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Hey Everyone,

Today we are paying tribute to the heart of the hospital, the nurses. We are so fortunate to have so many incredible nurses in our healthcare system. They play such an essential roll in the comfort and needs of patients, as well as keeping the doctors and physicians informed of what needs to be done. They are efficient, and run the show 24-7.

The truth is, we don’t have enough of them. And the ones that we do have are overworked and under-compensated. With the cost of nursing school high, it makes it even harder to incentivize people to go into the field.

We need nurses now more than ever. But why do we have such a shortage of them? Well, it has a lot to do with economics.

Episode 7: In Nurses We Trust- In today’s episode, I speak with Dr. Rosemarie Aznavorian, Chief Clinical Officer of a hospital staffing company. She’s had over 40 years of experience in the hospital system, and also happens to be my mother-in-law! We learn:

  • How hospitals currently staff their nurses and the increased need due to COVID 19.

  • Why we have a shortage of nurses currently, and what it has to do with the economy.

  • How the cost of being a nurse is too high in comparison to the compensation provided.

  • The importance of nurses in the hospital system, and how we can incentivize people to pursue this career.

This was an incredibly insightful episode. For one, nurses are on the frontlines risking their lives every day to keep us safe. We should do our best to protect them physically, as well as financially. A huge thank you to all nurses working the frontlines!

Be safe out there.


Price of a Pandemic: Video Games Rule All

Gaming is booming during social isolation

Price of a Pandemic: Video Games Rule All

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Hey Everyone,

Not all businesses are suffering during this pandemic. Specifically, video games and streaming are thriving during times of social isolation. People are gaming more now than ever before. It's keeping us busy, entertained and connected. Gaming has come a long way, and has created multiple new revenue streams for professionals. It's a multi-billion dollar industry that reaches millions of people.

Episode 6: Video Games Rule All - In today's episode, we talk to Ludlow Ventures investor and industry expert Blake Robbins. We learn: 

  • How far gaming has come since the launch of multiplayer gaming over the internet. 

  • How the industry has thrived during the pandemic. 

  • What eSports is, and how professional gamers are seeing success similar to professional athletes. 

  • How streaming has created new forms of content and entertainment on platforms like Twitch and Youtube.

  • The discipline and skill needed to make it as a professional gamer. 

For more of Blake's work on gaming and the future of media, check out his newsletter. If you want to know why millions are turning in to watch people play video games, check out some of his streamer recommendations: 

This was a fun episode for us to do. My wife and I have been contemplating whether we should buy a Nintendo Switch, although we still haven’t pulled the trigger. Funny enough, Nintendo recently increased Switch production by 10% due to increased demand. Looks like everyone else had the same idea. Stay safe!


Price of Pandemic: A Wedding Story

The Wedding Industry is Getting Crushed Right now

The Price of Pandemic: A Wedding Story

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Hey Everyone,

COVID-19 is changing every aspect of life right now, and that includes big events that have been in the works for months or even years. Weddings are no exception. Many people have had to cancel or postpone their wedding which causes many ripple effects. Along with the emotional stress, there are flight & hotel cancellations, deposits lost, figuring out the right future date, etc. With so much uncertainty, it makes planning very challenging. The industry is also known for the many mom & pop shops that make a living from wedding planning- venues, florists, caterers, planners, musicians… the list goes on. They’ve all been severely affected as well.

Episode 5: A Wedding Story - In today’s episode I speak with industry veteran Michelle Rago, one of the best wedding planners in the business. We also hear from couples that have had to cancel and postpone their weddings. We learn:

  • The current state of the industry right now, and how cancellations are causing havoc.

  • How wedding vendors run their business, and how the virus has stopped their cash flow.

  • What you can do if you’re looking to postpone your wedding, or planning for one in the future.

  • What the future of the wedding industry looks like in a post virus world.

The wedding industry is built on the backs of small businesses, and we hope they can survive in this time and adapt accordingly. We also hope all of you out there, who plan on getting married, are able to get the celebration you want and deserve. In time. Stay safe!


The Price of Pandemic- The Restaurateur's Dilemma

An NYC Restaurateur is super transparent about his business right now

The Price of Pandemic- The Restaurateur's Dilemma

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Hey everyone,

We're well aware of the pain the restaurant industry is going through right now. Millions of people out of a job and thousands of businesses shut down overnight. Without government involvement, it’s possible that a majority of businesses won’t reopen. That’s why many in the industry are calling for Congress to make sure there’s a proper representation of the restaurant industry in the CARES Act.

Episode 4: The Restarauter’s Dilemma - In Today's episode, we talk to NYC Restaurateur Gabriel Stulman, who tells us his experience shutting down all nine of his restaurants. We learn:

  • How quickly restaurant revenues went to zero, and why millions are out of a job

  • All the other businesses that restaurants support and how they’ve been affected

  • How the CARES Act & SBA program can save the industry, and what reopening might look like post quarantine

  • The cost of what it would take to support employees that were let go due to the virus, and how other methods may be more impactful and economical like Happy Cooking Grocery.

We wish all the best to all our friends going through tough times right now. We’ll be there when the doors are reopened. In the meantime, stay safe out there!


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