Price of a Pandemic: Video Games Rule All

Gaming is booming during social isolation

Price of a Pandemic: Video Games Rule All

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Hey Everyone,

Not all businesses are suffering during this pandemic. Specifically, video games and streaming are thriving during times of social isolation. People are gaming more now than ever before. It's keeping us busy, entertained and connected. Gaming has come a long way, and has created multiple new revenue streams for professionals. It's a multi-billion dollar industry that reaches millions of people.

Episode 6: Video Games Rule All - In today's episode, we talk to Ludlow Ventures investor and industry expert Blake Robbins. We learn: 

  • How far gaming has come since the launch of multiplayer gaming over the internet. 

  • How the industry has thrived during the pandemic. 

  • What eSports is, and how professional gamers are seeing success similar to professional athletes. 

  • How streaming has created new forms of content and entertainment on platforms like Twitch and Youtube.

  • The discipline and skill needed to make it as a professional gamer. 

For more of Blake's work on gaming and the future of media, check out his newsletter. If you want to know why millions are turning in to watch people play video games, check out some of his streamer recommendations: 

This was a fun episode for us to do. My wife and I have been contemplating whether we should buy a Nintendo Switch, although we still haven’t pulled the trigger. Funny enough, Nintendo recently increased Switch production by 10% due to increased demand. Looks like everyone else had the same idea. Stay safe!