The Price of Pandemic- The Restaurateur's Dilemma

An NYC Restaurateur is super transparent about his business right now

The Price of Pandemic- The Restaurateur's Dilemma

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Hey everyone,

We're well aware of the pain the restaurant industry is going through right now. Millions of people out of a job and thousands of businesses shut down overnight. Without government involvement, it’s possible that a majority of businesses won’t reopen. That’s why many in the industry are calling for Congress to make sure there’s a proper representation of the restaurant industry in the CARES Act.

Episode 4: The Restarauter’s Dilemma - In Today's episode, we talk to NYC Restaurateur Gabriel Stulman, who tells us his experience shutting down all nine of his restaurants. We learn:

  • How quickly restaurant revenues went to zero, and why millions are out of a job

  • All the other businesses that restaurants support and how they’ve been affected

  • How the CARES Act & SBA program can save the industry, and what reopening might look like post quarantine

  • The cost of what it would take to support employees that were let go due to the virus, and how other methods may be more impactful and economical like Happy Cooking Grocery.

We wish all the best to all our friends going through tough times right now. We’ll be there when the doors are reopened. In the meantime, stay safe out there!