The Price of a Pandemic: The Stock Market

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Talk Money | The Price of Pandemic: The Stock Market

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First off, I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe! A special shout out to all the medical professionals on the front lines who are putting their lives at risk. We recently supported The Frontline Responder’s Fund, which is helping cover the cost of transporting all the critical supplies to healthcare workers in need. Please support them IF you can.

We’ve started a new weekly series called The Price of Pandemic. Given the uncertain climate COVID-19 has created, we are pausing work on our latest season of the narrative style podcast. Things are changing on a day by day basis, so with this, it makes more sense to do a timely weekly series. In this new series, we’ll be tackling a range of topics on the economy, business & investing that have been affected by the virus. We hope to keep you informed and provide you with insights, transparency and tools to make better decisions in this surreal time.

Episode 1: The Stock Market (16min) In this episode, we sit down with my dear friend and business partner Rennick Palley. Rennick helps us understand:

  • Why the stock market crashed in recent weeks

  • Why we are seeing such crazy price movement in stocks

  • How stock market activity gives us a glimpse into how the economy will respond

  • How to think about the risk in this current environment

I hope you find this episode as informative as I did. As we better our production process, we’ll get episodes to you faster and faster. Email me at and tell me what topics you’d like covered!